CRM Consultancy and Outsourcing

On both a strategic and tactical level we are passionate about helping sports and leisure organisations to implement and deliver a successful CRM programme with a profitable and engaged customer base at its core.

We bring a holistic approach to CRM with our expertise and resources spanning systems, processes, digital marketing, loyalty, customer journey mapping and database management and optimisation.

For organisations seeking to minimise their investment in systems and in-house resources we can provide an outsourced solution. As an extension of the client's commercial team, we become a dedicated CRM partner with the ability to effectively deliver systems, data, research and digital marketing needs.

Data Management and Optimisation

The more you know about your customers, fans or participants, the easier it is to establish a profitable, personal and meaningful relationship with them. Our data insight team is committed to ensuring that sports organisations drive maximum value from their customer database. We provide a spectrum of data management and optimisation services, including; hosting, consolidation, analysis, segmentation, profiling, acquisition strategy and enhancement with the overall goal of producing a single customer view. We then use this powerful database to execute highly targeted and personalised marketing campaigns to deliver a tailored experience for our clients customers that will generate a higher level of engagement and, ultimately, ROI.

Membership Services

We have become synonymous with the development and effective management of sports membership schemes, helping clubs and national governing bodies to harness the passion, loyalty and pride unique to sports fans. We manage some of the highest profile membership schemes in the sports industry on behalf of clients who seek to outsource all, or part of, this time-consuming but vital revenue stream.

We offer a complete membership solution to our clients, including; administration, systems provision, sales and marketing, new product development, renewals, fulfillment and research.

Commercial Consultancy

With a proven track record, Goodform's strategic and consultative approach can assess an organisation's current performance and identify key areas for improvement. The consultancy team is results-orientated with a focus on identifying profitable commercial opportunities, developing bespoke strategies and setting out clear and practical recommendations for clients.

Based on exact requirements we can deliver the following; CRM Audit, Data Audit, Commercial Audit, Membership Audit and CRM systems selection.

 We offer a range of consultancy services  including commercial and membership audits. Our audits assess an organisations performance in key income generating areas and identify clear recommendations for building and increasing revenue. We also provide a benchmark against other similar organisations. 

Market and Customer Research

Sportswise is Goodform's full-service market research arm. Our goal is simple - to deliver rich insights and actionable recommendations based on cost-effective research. We are passionate about helping our clients to get closer to their customers, fans and participants - bringing their behaviour, motivations, experiences and attitudes to the very heart of strategy and decision making.


Our experienced telesales team excel at communicating with sports fans. Whether its delivering a campaign to sell season tickets or membership renewals or undertaking a research project on behalf of a client, our in-house team focus on generating useful feedback for client and a profitable ROI. Along the way they will also update your database with new contact information such as email addresses and phone numbers.