Maximising customer engagement



Goodform is a specialist sports marketing company working with sports organisations to manage and develop their customer relations, improve their sales and marketing activity and ultimately maximise their commerical performance. We help national governing bodies and professional sports clubs look after their customers, understand and satisfy their needs and interact with them in a personalised and targeted manner.   

Our services include:

• Sales and Marketing: We deliver creative sales & marketing strategies and our results-orientated approach is applied to all areas of the marketing mix. Our services involve; telemarketing, market research, campaign management, design, website development and e-marketing.

• Sports CRM Agency: We are the leading CRM Agency in sport, offering the resource and expertise to enable sports organisations to develop a CRM strategy and implement activity to deliver a customer focused experience.

• Membership Management: We have become synonymous with the development and effective management of sports membership schemes. We take the hassle out of membership for our clients, grow schemes and use them as a vehicle to develop customer relations.

• Commercial Consultancy: We offer a range of consultancy services  including commercial and membership audits. Our audits assess an organisations performance in key income generating areas and identify clear recommendations for building and increasing revenue. We also provide a benchmark against other similar organisations. 

• Stadia Consultancy: We have worked with a number of clients on Stadia Consultancy projects.  This work involves advising on the design, build and operation of new and existing stadia.  Clients vary from premiership football clubs to overseas Governments.

• Market Research: On and offline questionnaires, focus groups and event specific audience research in conjunction with our sister company Sportswise.