Goodform works with Everton on its membership strategy

Goodform works with Everton on its membership strategy

18th Dec 2009

Everton Football Club has engaged Goodform to review its current membership scheme entitled Evertonia.  A report presented to senior Everton representatives in January will outline how a new membership product could be developed to further engage with existing Everton supporters and ultimately increase the numbers of fans actively attending matches at Goodison Park

As part of the Membership Audit, Goodform’s team spent time with key stakeholders at Everton discussing current commercial activity in this area and opportunities available for future expansion.  The project has also incorporated desk-based research, meetings with Everton’s partners and suppliers and taking in the full matchday experience which culminated in the Blues coming back from 2-0 down in a thrilling encounter against Spurs.   


Everton FC’s Head of Marketing, Tom Shelston, said, “It has been great working with the Goodform team and we look forward to exploring their findings in the weeks to come.  Our ongoing mission is to extend the Everton family and make it proud to be Blue and our membership project will enable us to build ongoing, relevant and rewarding participation with Everton.”