TEN Spring Cleaning Tips To Spruce up Your CRM

TEN Spring Cleaning Tips To Spruce up Your CRM

23rd Mar 2012

Spring is certainly in the air and now is as good a time as ever to spruce up your CRM strategy with our top ten tips. Why focus on your CRM now? A tough economic climate, with tight budgets, increased customer expectations and new technologies emerging means CRM needs to be at the top of your agenda.


one Touchpoint Review

Sports clubs and organisations benefit from numerous customer touchpoints. Are you harnessing all of your customers and prospect touchpoints correctly via the web, email, DM and social media? Every touchpoint is an opportunity and it is imperative that you gather the right information in the right format. Sports clubs are lucky in that their fans want to interact with them, making data collection much easier than in other industries but don’t forget to ask permission!

Our tip – review your touchpoints and look for missing opportunities to gain insightful information from your customers.

twoOne Customer, One Record

Achieving a single customer view doesn’t happen overnight but use this time to review your data management strategy. Are you heading in the right direction? Data consolidation is vital to a successful CRM approach.

Our tip – review your data strategy and ensure alignment across your sales, marketing, corporate, membership, ticketing and customer service channels.

threeExterminate Dirty Data

A simple but vital tip and one that is often overlooked – do an audit to cleanse your data. Using inaccurate and outdated customer data will affect the ROI of your sales and marketing campaigns and also reflect badly on your brand.

Our tip – do a health check on your database by running it through a free audit to highlight the improvements and enhancements available.

fourMake Sense of Your Data

Make sense of your data and assess how you can turn it into value. Does it give you a thorough understanding of your customers and their needs? If you’ve collected address details do some analysis – what do your customers do, where are they and how do they interact with you? Are there any up-selling or cross-selling opportunities?

Our tip – build a portrait of your customers that takes everything possible into account and target them with the right products.

fiveThink Socially

Over 70% of Europeans are using social networks, and sports fans now expect to be communicated to via these channels. Are your social CRM strategies heading in the right direction? Are you building up a loyal and engaged following in these communities and is it feeding back into your CRM technology? Social media is an invaluable touchpoint but needs a strong strategy behind it.

Our tip – Review your social media activities and make sure they are aligned and contributing to your overall CRM strategy.

sixSpring into Reproduction

An effective marketing, data and communications strategy will help your customer base to multiply. Look at new data capture techniques and once you’ve got a clear profile of your existing customer types, look into innovative ways of communicating with and attracting new customers.

Our tip – Yes retention is important in the current climate but don’t neglect your new customer acquisition strategies either.

sevenGet Up Close & Personal

Now more than ever, your customers expect to be treated like individuals and feel appreciated. Looking outside of the sports industry, Starbucks recently initiated a campaign to find out their customers name face-to-face in return for a free coffee as part of their revamped personal approach. They showed that it’s not just about using customer data to personalise marketing campaigns, but to offer a personal experience, regardless of the size of the brand.

Our tip – Review how your organisation communicates with its customers and make sure a personal approach filters right through your customer service/experience.

eightListen & Learn

Are you listening to your customers, even when they aren’t talking directly to you? Your customers’ opinions can be gauged from a Facebook comment or a formal research survey. Assess how well your organisation is doing at collecting, analysing and acting on this feedback in a holistic way to improve the customer experience.

Our tip – remember that CRM starts and ends with your customers. If you haven’t taken their opinions into account recently then maybe its time to do some research to give some fresh momentum to you CRM and reconnect with your customers.

nine Get Mobile

New opportunities, and challenges, for customer engagement and interaction continue to emerge with ever evolving mobile apps and technologies. Make sure you stay up to date and understand how your customers wish to be communicated with and ensure this is fed into your CRM approach. Be creative and be innovative.

Our tip – Review your technology and also look outside the sports industry to review how other industries are utilising new technologies to engage with their customer base.

tenTake advantage of a spring offer

Come along to The Sports CRM Summit at Wembley Stadium on Tuesday 22nd May and spend a day focusing solely on your CRM strategy and learn about the approaches that other sports clubs and organisations are using to manage their customer relationships.

Our tip: Book your place at The Sports CRM Summit 2012 before the 20th April and take advantage of an early bird rate of just £149 plus VAT or £159 plus VAT if you would like to attend the Breakfast Networking Session.